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Look here for information about the different fancy goldfish varieties, how to keep them, and how to breed them. Our site provides the most comprehensive suite of photographs of Western goldfish varieties available either on the Internet or in books, a survey of Far Eastern varieties seldom seen in the West, and background information on the history and physical features of goldfish.

Annual Show, Sunday 2nd September

Our annual show took place on Sunday, 2nd September, and photographs of fish will be posted to our website in due course.

Below is a picture of the young adult Bristol shubunkin which won the award for best-in-show:

Young adult Bristol shubunkin, winner of best-in-show 2018

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Below is a note of recent updates:

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See our Goldfish Information pages about the history of goldfish, colour, finnage, show standards and much more, including:

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If you live within traveling distance of Bristol, we would encourage you to come along to our monthly meetings and join in with all the pleasures of a shared hobby: see our fish, talk with fellow fishkeepers for advice and to share your own experiences, and acquire fish from quality stock.

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