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Listed here are events held by BAS and other goldfish societies at which you may see the fish and discuss them, and all aspects of fishkeeping, with the owners.


The BAS Annual Show takes place over the weekend of 4th-5th September 2021, and for the second year running the show will, with regret, be virtual (online) because of the pandemic.

A link may be placed here after the show so that you may watch videos of the various fish that were presented.


List of table shows

Each month, except during the winter, members bring fish to the monthly meeting for display and discussion of their merits and characters.

This year, 2021, the monthly meetings are again being held via Zoom. (The meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month at the Beehive Centre, Stretford Road, Whitehall in Bristol, starting at 7:45pm.)

Our 2021 schedule is as follows:

12 April Common goldfish, veiltails
10 May Bristol shubunkins, fantails
14 June Moors, orandas, ryukins
12 July Pearlscales, lionheads, wakins
09 August London shubunkins, comets,
any other variety
13 September Celestials, bubble eyes, pompons, ranchu
any variety bluest fish
11 October Largest goldfish bred this season,
Bristol shubunkins bred this season,
koi, pond and river fish

How to get there

This year, 2021, the monthly meetings are again being held via Zoom. For a map and guidance on how to get to the monthly table shows under normal circumstances, click here.


Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers (AMGK)

The AMGK Open Show is usually in June at West Orchard Church Hall, 83 Bagington Road, Coventry CV3 6FP.

E-mail or ring Linda or Gary Malpass on 01604-451515 for details.

Goldfish Society of Great Britain (GSGB)

The GSGB Open Show takes place in late September. Details may be posted here in due course.

North East Goldfish Society (NEGS)

The NEGS Open Show is usually in July. Regular meetings and the newsletter are bi-monthly, in March, May, July, September and November (AGM).

Contact the Secretary for details.

Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society (NGPS)

The NGPS Open Show is usually in September at St. Matthews Church Hall, Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester.

Regular meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Church Inn, Church Lane, Prestwich, Manchester.

Email or call Sherridan Moores for details on 0161-969-7567.

Nationwide Show

The Nationwide Show is contributed to by all the above goldfish societies, and it usually takes place in Coventry in October, held at the Wyken Community Centre, Belgrave Estate, Coventry CV2 5PY.

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