Mature sarassa comets

sarassa comet sarassa comet, rear view sarassa comet, rear view sarassa comet

Sarassa comets have a red/silver-white colouration; these fish were presented at BAS 2000. None of the photographs is very good, but they do illustrate the spectacular tail development of comets; the individual on the left has its tail folded.

Calico comet

calico comet

Calico comets (also known as comet shubunkins) are more common in the Far East than in the West. This photograph was taken and sent to us by Mr. Israel Yang of Toronto.

Comet with no tail

comet goldfish with no tail

This fish is an oriental red metallic comet with no tail fin; the picture was very kindly contributed in 2010 by a correspondent via our website enquiry form.

The absence of the tail is a developmental abnormality, rather than the result of deliberately breeding for no tail. The fish was reported to be leading a normal life, despite its abnormality.

The so-called meteor is a goldfish with no tail, and it is postulated to be a self-perpetuating rumour in that the Website Author has yet to see a report or any photograph of such a fish (excluding a very few developmental freaks, like this one), either in books or on the Internet.

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