Juveniles at 7 months, calico colouration

juvenile calico fantails

These fish are of exceptional quality and won Overall Best in Show at the Annual Show in 2000. The profile conforms perfectly to the ideal standard (although hard to discern in this view) and the calico colouration includes the full range of desired colours in balanced proportion without too much silver. Three fish form a breeder's team of four.

Mature adult fantails, calico colouration

calico fantail calico fantail

Fine adult fantails, taken from the BAS 35mm slide collection.

calico fantail calico fantails calico fantail

Adult calico fantails, shown at BAS 2003. The tails of the centre fish are somewhat too long, according to the fantail standard, but their calico colouration is very fine; this pair of fish well represents the breeders' dilemma: a fish may be exceptional in certain features through selective breeding (for example, here, the colour and the body shape) but in need of development in other features (for example, tail length).

calico fantil 2016

Adult calico fantail with superb calico colouration. The finnage is nicely as per the standard, although ideally the body would be slightly deeper. Photo courtesy of the Nationwide Show 2016.

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