These images illustrate the wide range of colour and finnage types found in the ryukin. Photographed in Hong Kong 2010 (except where otherwise noted).

Chocolate and black-and-white ryukins

black-and-white ryukin
black ryukin chocolate ryukins

Black-and-white ryukin (top) with mid-length finnage; black/chocolate ryukin (bottom left) with long, narrow-lobed, deeply forked tail; chocolate ryukins (bottom right) with deep bodies and shorter, broader finnage.

Calico ryukins

calico ryukin calico ryukin
calico ryukin calico ryukin

Calico ryukins with broad finnage and small or minimal dorsal humps, similar to the veiltail, but note the short, rounded pectoral and pelvic fins. The top-left fish has good calico colouration and a strong blue colour; the other three are lacking in the ideal calico pattern of red-blue. (The bottom-right fish was photographed in poor light, Honk Kong 2006).

Metallic and variegated ryukins

red ryukin
red-white variegated ryukin tricolour red-white-black variegated ryukin

Red and red-white-black ryukins; the top fish has very short, broad finnage with a very deep body and the other two have mid-length finnage with moderately forked tails.

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