These images are of ryukins photographed in UK and Europe, further illustrating the wide range of colour and finnage types found in the ryukin.

Red and red-white metallic ryukins

young red ryukin

Young red metallic ryukin with white lips, photographed in a market in central Bucharest 2009. (This is the only twintail goldfish seen by the website author in half-a-dozen visits to Eastern Europe to-date (2011), although there must doubtless be more).

red ryukin red ryukin

Young red ryukins with good, solid red colouration, slender finnage and deeply forked tails, photographed at BAS 2004 (left) and BAS 2008 (right). The fish on the left was photographed in bright sunlight.

red-white ryukin red-white ryukin

Red-white variegated metallic ryukins photographed at BAS 2004 (left) and BAS 2005 (right). The fish on the left has a striking two-tone pattern and long, flowing finnage with a deeply forked tail, whereas the fish on the right has mid-length finnage.

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