Mature adults, calico colouration

calico veiltail 2004, right view calico veiltail 2004, left view

A very fine adult veiltail . Notice the relatively long finnage (compared with the fantail) and the heavy, drooping tail with very little forking. (It is very difficult to obtain a picture of veiltails with all the finnage fully extended; the tall dorsal fin and the long pelvic fins tend to sweep to the rear as the fish swim). Shown at BAS 2004.

calico veiltail 2006, right view calico veiltail 2006, left view

Fine adult veiltail from the same breeder as the top fish. Shown at BAS 2006.

red calico veiltail 2005 red calico veiltail 2006

Large adult with a preponderance of red and much black colouration in the fins. It is very typical for the dorsal fin to curve over slightly to one side as the fish ages, as seen here and in a couple of the fish below. Notice also the slight hood that some veiltails acquire as they mature, which ideally should be absent. Shown at BAS 2005 (left) and 2006 (right).

calico veiltail 2006 calico veiltail 2006 calico veiltail 2006

Three further adult calico veiltails. Shown at BAS 2006; the fish at top right was also shown in 2005.

calico veiltail 2008 calico veiltail 2008

Adult calico veiltail shown at BAS 2008. This fish has a pleasing, even calico pattern which ideally should contain more red (rather than orange).

calico veiltail

Adult calico veiltail in one of our breeder's tanks, 2018.

calico veiltail, BAS slide collection calico veiltail, BAS slide collection

Two adult fish from the BAS 35mm slide collection.

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