Adult metallic veiltails

red veiltail goldfish red veiltail goldfish

Two-year old red veiltail shown at GSGB 2011. Notice the slight curling over of the top of the dorsal fin, which seems to happen when finnage is bred long; breeders of course try to prevent this through selection. Notice also the lack of colour at the edges of the fins, which is common; it is very hard to match a complex and difficult standard like that of the veiltail.

red-silver veiltail, left view red-silver veiltail, right view

Two-year old red-silver variegated veiltail shown at GSGB 2005.

red veiltail red veiltail

Adult red metallic veiltail, almost completely self-coloured. Shown at GSGB 2005.

red veiltail red veiltail

Young adult with a fine, red colour; ideally, the colour would extend throughout the fins. Shown at BAS 2001.

Veiltail with forked tail

metallic veiltail

This is a 60-year-old photograph of a veiltail of superb overall quality, but with a forked tail. Much has been achieved in the last 60 years by way of breeding out the fork, giving a nearly straight trailing edge to the tail.

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