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This page contains some of the many interesting aquatic links to be found on the Web, and includes a few sites specializing in aquatic links. It also includes the main UK goldfish societies with a presence on the Web (that we have discovered so far). If you would like to suggest any links we should add here, please contact the Website Author.

Click on the links in the left-hand column below as required; a brief description of each target site is given to the right of each link.


Goldfish Society of Great Britain    London-based national goldfish society; holds annual show; publishes excellent quarterly journal.
Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK   Joint website for the British goldfish societies and the 'home' of the Nationwide goldfish standards for each goldfish variety
Northern Goldfish and Pondkeepers Society    Goldfish society based in Prestwich, Manchester
Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers    Goldfish society based in the Midlands
North East Goldfish Society    Goldfish society based in Sunderland
IFOCAS    List of Worldwide aquatic societies
Goldfish Society of America    Information on the Chinese and Japanese goldfish varieties popular in USA, but not maintained since 2012
Goldfish Council    International community of goldfish fanciers, mostly American and Canadian



Aquarium Gardens   UK aquarium plants specialists (including mail order service)
Dr. David Ford's site   Wealth of fishkeeping information from one of the world's most renowned aquarists
El Goldfish   Spanish goldfish site; browse and you will discern the inspiration!    Fish retailers, vets and clubs in the UK
Goldfish Care   Goldfish care site
Koko's Goldfish World   US goldfish enthusiasts' site
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine   

PFK Magazine site, always full of interesting information

Pure Goldfish   Lots of good advice in goldfish keeping
Robyn's Goldfish Page    General goldfish website
RWT's Goldfish Information Page    General goldfish website packed with information, but not updated since 2012
Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club   US club site
The Real McKoi   Koi and coldwater fishkeeping, ponds, aquatic plants, ornamental bridge construction
Koi Fish Time    A site that is dedicated to providing information about how to keep and care for Koi, the right way. Includes an illustrated list of 245 koi types.
How to Build a Pond    Beginner's guide: "We cover everything you need to know if you're looking to build a pond in your garden."
How to Build a Koi Pond    A further, shorter article on building a koi pond at home, from an American company.



Bristol Zoo    Public aquarium which has strong ties with BAS
London Aquarium    One of Europe's largest exhibits of aquatic life



Aquarian    Information section including fish care, clubs and societies, etc
Aquarists Classified   UK-only site for aquarist classified ads
English Bred Fancy Goldfish   Purchase British bred fancy goldfish from this site
Flexible Lining Products   Local (Gloucestershire) company selling pond liners
Next Day Koi   American company; their site includes a koi blog
Swallow Aquatics   Goldfish equipment retailer in Southeast England, with an online store too
Waterlife Research    "Total care for aquatic life"

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