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Look here for information about the different fancy goldfish varieties, how to keep them, and how to breed them. Our site provides the most comprehensive suite of photographs of Western goldfish varieties available either on the Internet or in books, a survey of Far Eastern varieties seldom seen in the West, and background information on the history and physical features of goldfish.

What's New

WARNING! In mid May 2022, one of the Society's breeders suffered a devastating raid by otters on his outdoor ponds where he overwinters and brings on fish, in Bristol. Fishkeepers are used to the threat from herons, but remember to consider the threat from otters as well, please.

This year, 2024, our Annual Show, the Nationwide Show and those of the AMGK and the GSGB are back to normal (i.e. there are no more online 'virtual' shows in place of 'real', in-person events).

Our monthly Zoom meetings are continuing, starting on 08 January, and are open to non-members.

See Events for the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Goldfish Information pages about the history of goldfish, colour, finnage, show standards and much more, including:

Join us

If you live within traveling distance of Bristol, we would encourage you to come along to our monthly meetings and join in with all the pleasures of a shared hobby: see our fish, talk with fellow fishkeepers for advice and to share your own experiences, and acquire fish from quality stock.

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